Moldlab, Ltd. is a leading environmental testing lab with a specialty in mold and asbestos analysis.

We provide a range of unique services to support our clients, from guaranteed turnaround times to on-site mold analysis.

These concierge services allow our clients to offer their customers a superior service experience at a higher margin via our value-added service programs.

Boost your company's performance with our DFW-Exclusive services:

  • Historical outdoor mold data
  • On-site mold analysis
  • Delivered emergency supplies & equipment

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  • Pre-paid FedEx Shipping Labels
  • COCs- Use your own in house COC or download one of ours here.
  • Sample Pick-up Service via Courier*
  • Text Message Notification when your project arrives at our Sample Receiving desk. The message includes both the project name and an estimated time of when to expect the final report
  • Email message Notification- same as above
  • "BUMP' Service- Expedite a project to Rush via text or email
  • Multiple Pre-Formatted Templates to choose from
  • Logo Branded Reporting Service
  • 'Design Your Own' Report Service
  • Exclusive DFW Outdoor Data Report*
  • Multiple Turn Around time options to choose from
  • Guaranteed Turnaround Time available
  • Text Message Notification Update that your Lab Report has been issued
  • Lab Report (pdf) is emailed
  • Lab Report (pdf) is uploaded to online 24 Hour website portal
  • Auto-Bill to Credit Card on file
  • Pay Online utilizing a "Pay NOW" link
  • Invoice to Account (with approved credit)
  • Free Pump Calibration
  • Free Pump Rental
  • Auto-Ship Testing Supplies (monthly/quarterly)
  • *Limited to local DFW area, some restrictions apply*

List of Services



Air Samples

Spore Trap Expanded: mold plus pollen, skin, bug parts, and fibers


Spore Trap Expanded: mold plus pollen, skin, bug parts, and fibers


Direct Exam Samples

Tape/Swab/Bulk (Surfaces): mold only analysis ratings of 'light', 'moderate', and 'heavy'.


Tape/Swab/Bulk (Surfaces): mold plus pollen, skin, bug parts, and fibers analysis ratings of 'light', 'moderate', and 'heavy'.


Tape/Bulk (Surfaces): mold only analysis in s/cm²


Tape/Bulk (Surfaces): mold plus pollen, skin, bug parts, and fibers analysis in s/cm²


Culturable Samples

Petri Dish: mold only analysis in colony forming units


We Offer Pre-Formatted Templates

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