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    Combination Surface and Air Mold Spore Test Kit

    Choose this kit if you SEE what you think may be mold AND want t...

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    Extra Air Tests

    One (1) extra test to be used with the Airborne Mold Spore test ...

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    Extra Surface Test Strips

    One(1) Extra Surface Test Strip to be used with the Surface Test...

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    Airborne Mold Spore Test Kit

    Choose this test kit if you SMELL a musty odor, or suspect you h...

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    Surface Test Kit

    Choose this kit if you SEE a stain, visible mold, or suspicious ...

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    Home Inspector Pro Kit


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    Tape slides

    Perfect for surface sampling or suspect visible material, indivi...

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    Professional Mold Starter Kit

    Kit includes:

    1 EMS e-MaxX IAQ pump,

    10 tape slide...

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    EMS E-MaxX Sampling Pump

    Quiet and powerful, the E-MaxX pump has an adjustable factory in...

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    Allergenco-D Cassettes

    Indoor air quality sampling cassettes, single use, and disposabl...

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    Individually wrapped, single use swabs. Great for visible or sus...

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    Wall Check Tubes

    Single use, disposable adapter. The adapter attaches to an Aller...

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