Our Mission

Our Mission is to continue to grow as a business by maintaining high quality work, accreditation status, all while actively pursing additional services that add increased value to our clients.

Our Vision

To be the preferred DFW environmental laboratory for a reputation of excellent training, resourcefulness, and superior customer service.

Company Bio

2022 marked our 22nd year in business! Moldlab, Ltd. is a business to business and a business to consumer environmental laboratory that provides Mold and Asbestos identification services, as well as testing supplies to commercial inspectors and Test Kits to consumers.

Our Culture

If we had to pick one item in the laboratory that symbolizes our company culture it would be our candy dish. Food is an integral part to any culture and it has a unique way of bringing people together. Regardless of whether it is our awesome FedEx person, our postal carrier, a local inspector or a new staff member, the candy dish is always a topic of conversation. Simply put, our candy dish makes people happy.



On 23 September 2022, the staff at Moldlab and I assisted in our first park clean up of the year. This year we have had the honor and privilege to have such an amazing team that joined Carrollton's Adopt-A-Spot program. We have adopted Ken Good Park, which is located directly across from our facility.

Personally, I foudn the clean up process to be very relaxing. Our park has a big pond in the center of it, and it's home to many geese, making it truly a beautiful sight to see. I found that the mixture of being in good company, helping my community, and the sound of the water sloshing around made me feel at peace. I highly recommend doing community service becauuse not only does the community benefit from it, but so does the person doing the labor. Why does anyone benefit from doing community service? Down to the chemical level, serotonin witch is a "feel-good" neurotransmitter gets released when a human performs an act of kindness. However, more than just the basic science, community service might feel like a small act of kindness, but it truly is much greater than that because it affects so many in a positive way.

I also found that the park clean up was very educational in many forms. I got to see firsthand all of the different kinds of trash that were hidden inbetween the soil and grass of the park. This project made me reflect on the current state of the Earth right now with the current mass pollution. If the team at Moldlab never had the spark to begin a community service project such as this one, our local park would still be covered in the little bits of junk spread thorughout the land. There is so much beautiful wildlife at Ken Good Park, and unfortunately some organisms are likely consuming bits of trash while looking for food. It reminds me that as humans, if we work as a team for the betterment of a common goal, we can achieve that goal and even more than that.

-- Yokebed Alvarado

Moldlab Blood Drive

Coordinating and donating, Dana's pulling double-duty!

"If you want information on how you can participate, give us a call and I'll be glad to go over it with you!"

In August, we partnered with Carter Bloodcare to host our first Blood Drive and it was a major success! Thanks to the employees of our business park and Moldlab customers alike, we were able to collect 16 units of blood for Texanss in need. The majority of our donors were first timer, so we have high hopes for future drives that folks will become regulars and take pride in the positive impact they are making on our community. Thanks again to all of you that participated, and we'll keep you updated when we do the next one!

#CarterBloodCare #GiveForTexans #DonateBlood

Dallas Animal Shelter Donation Drive

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, we at Moldlab are all huge fans of animals and have our own furry friend Bart helping around the office. To help give back to the little buddies that give us so much, we’ve been hosting donation drives for anybody to drop off spare materials that might help out at the Dallas Animal Shelter. Food, toys, or treats (of course) are always loved by the animals, but anything goes!

There was a great turnout in our recent drive with all of those items as well as a great many towels, which were specifically requested by the Shelter. Indispensable, we’re sure, if you’re caring for so many animals. All donations will be brought to the Dallas Animal Shelter by our own analyst, Jessica, who volunteers at the Shelter when she’s not working hard at the lab.

We hope to see you soon, we’ll be glad to accept any donations or just show off our progress at the moment!