Lots and lots of hyphae and no spores, why?

Have you ever received a mold report back from the lab that had an abundant number of hyphae/hyphal or mycelial fragments listed, yet the mold spore count was realatively low?  Or even better, you performed an inspection with VISIBLE cottony mold growth, but the lab report came back without any specific mold spore type listed?

Maybe the mold is sterile.  The following article explains what sterile mycelia is and 

“how can a fungal species make it in this world if it cannot produce spores? Fragmentation. That is how mycelia sterilia reproduce and access new sources of food. When cultured in the lab mycelia sterilia are often found to grow very quickly and produce a loose fluffy colony.”

I encourage you to read the full article, it isn’t long but it contains some great information.

To continue reading please follow the link provided. 

Thank you MycoRant for the great post!




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