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Professional Mold Test Kit

Price: $160 $99*

This kit includes:

  • Materials to take 4 samples
  • Analysis for all 4 samples – no hidden lab fees!
  • 24 Hour turnaround time
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • 10 minute phone consultation about results
  • Instructions and Sample Form
  • Return Mailer w/ FedEx Overnight Return Shipping Label
  • Free shipping!

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The Moldlab Pro Mold Test Kit is an easy way for home inspectors to offer mold testing to their customers and increase their profits. At $99* a kit, inspectors can earn upwards of $300 of profit for less than an hour’s work!

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The Surface Kit is our best seller because of its incredible simplicity and speed. Included is everything you need to send samples right away. Keep these kits somewhere convenient and you’ll be able to test any time a customer requests it – it’s as easy as peel, stick, ship!

Our Combo Kit provides experienced mold inspectors with extra flexibility, allowing them to take a mixture of surface and air samples at each job site. Take surface samples on the issues you see. Cover your bases by testing the air for anything you might have missed!

Combo Kit Image

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The Air Kit is perfect for inspectors that need to locate hard-to-find mold issues, hidden inside of walls, behind cabinets, or under floorboards. Find the hidden mold a visual inspection might miss!

All kits that use air samples require an air pump to take samples. Don’t have one yet? You can buy one here!

Haven’t taken samples before? No worries! The instructions included with the kit will tell you everything you need to know to get started right away. Get started with the especially easy Surface Kit, and see our sampling guidelines for help knowing where to sample!

Instructions for use

Sampling Guidance

Tape Sampling Guidance

Air Sampling Guidance

Example Reports

Surface report
Air Report
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*Price when bundled. Higher price when purchased individually.