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Mold is a natural part of the outdoor world and it is extremely important to our environment as a decomposer of organic materials. Everyday we breathe in mold spores as well as other particles such as fibers, pollution, and pollen when we are outside playing with our children or indoors watching television. However, mold should not be growing inside of our home or office. When it is found growing indoors it could be a sign of past or present humidity/water issues that may need to be addressed.

How do I know what type of Test Kit I need?

    Airborne Mold Spore Test Kit

    Instruction pamphlet, three air tests (2 for indoor and 1 requir...

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    Combination Surface Test Kit and Airborne Mold Spore Test Kit

    One Surface test kit- Instruction pamphlet and two test strips a...

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    Surface Test Kit

    This test kit is contains Instruction pamphlet and two test stri...

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