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Get personal, professional, expert mold tests. Mold lab specializes in testing for mold in homes and businesses so you’ll get focused, personal attention and the best advice on your mold situation. We offer a wide range of mold tests including toxic mold testing, black mold testing, indoor air quality testing, and more. Our services are fast (24-48 hours turn-around time), professional (certified mold scientists, professional reports), and affordable! In addition to our low single sample prices, we offer high-volume discount pricing for professionals year-round, as well seasonal discounts and specials which anyone can take advantage of!

  • Multiple Sample Discounts
  • AIHA EMPAT proficiency tested
  • PAACB certified analyst
  • ID Toxic Mold Before You Get Sick
  • Results in 24-48 hours
  • Licensed Mold Laboratory by Texas Dept of Health
  • Certified by HUB and WBE

Personal, Professional, Customer Service Oriented

  • Questions Answered by Phone or by Email
  • Referrals to Professionals Provided if Needed
  • Easy-to-Understand Reports
  • Thorough, Professional, and Accurate Reports
  • Downloadable Articles and Resources
  • Personal, Knowledgeable Service

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Call 1-866-416-6653 (MOLD) For immediate assistance
Call 1-866-416-6653 (MOLD)
For immediate assistance
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